Words by Stephanie Stainlay

The Lady of the House of Love is the first cabaret show I have ever been to and I feel that it was a damn fine one to pop my cherry with.  Adapted for the stage by Daniel Evans and directed by David Fenton; the viscous and vivid prose from Angela Carter's The Lady of the House of Love is performed entirely by award-winning artist Sandro Colarelli alongside original music composed by singer-songwriter Jake Diefenbach.

These two incredibly talented men deliver a seamless performance of intertwined text and music. The dark tale of love and desire is performed against a simple black set with blood red rose petals scattered across the stage, a detailed flat cast's some amazing moody shadows throughout the show also. Colarelli's black boots and quiff are worth a mention too, basically putting all sassy men and women in attendance to shame.

I had had a terrible day before hand so I was more then happy to sit in the darkness of the Sue Benner Theatre for an hour or so and be swept up in this fantastical world of song and dance. The Lady of the House of Love runs until Saturday 3rd of August at Metro Arts with an Artist Talk on Wednesday 31st of July. Purchase tickets HERE to pop your Cabaret cherry too. ^.^

Izzy/23/Student+Full time ledge

1. What did you get up to today?

Had coffee with a friend and helped her design her tattoo.

2. Do you see more live music or live theatre?

Live music, I don't go to enough live theatre but I really enjoyed tonight.

3. What did you think of The Lady of the House of Love?

I've never been to a cabaret show before so that was fun to see something completely different. I thought it was really fun and moody and sassy. I guess with a one man show you need to use your imagination a bit more to visualise the story being told.

4. Ideal way to spend a day off in Brisbane?

I would go to the Sir Thomas Planetarium at the Botanical Gardens at Mt Coot-tha. Not nearly enough people know about or go to this amazing place. I saw Dynamic Earth last week but I thought Cosmic Collisions was better which was narrated by Robert Redford, the guy in The Horse Whisperer. They also have really great themed gardens too but the Cactus one is the coolest.

5. Last Arts event you attended?

Death Legs and Martyr Privates at the Cro Bar in the Valley.