Words by Athalia Foo

Jack-of-all-trades is a fitting term for most modern artists these days and Max Blackmore is the perfect example!

Originally from the slick alleyways of Melbourne city, this young artist has come to stay in sunny Brisbane, and he's brought his catalogue of punny zines full of pop culture reference up with him under the name No Scribbles!

Tattoo artist, illustrator, graphic designer and all round creative guy, we had some virtual chats with this intriguing young gent about his process, his move and what exactly he does:

We love this special emblem you did for us Max ^^ thx

Hey Max, how would you describe what you do? How’d you get into it?

Awesome obviously. Art classes at school and artist parents.

Where do you get your inspiration for your zines and works from? I particularly love your play on words and clever pop cultural references in your ‘Subtropical’ and ‘Two Faced’ zines. Does creation usually take you very long? 

The internet, other independently produced publications and blogs. (It doesn't take me long) really; if I'm on a roll stuff seems to pop out pretty quickly in my head.

What made you decide to move to Brisbane from Melbourne? And how do the two cities compare?

Cheap pineapples and mangoes. As for a comparison I think I'm still too fresh off the boat to judge, but I'm digging it so far.

What are the best parts of Brisbane?

There's a spot on Wickham St in the valley where you can see the story bridge cropped by two tall buildings that looks like it should be in New York. And Nundah station at night.

How are you finding zine and art culture in Brisbane?

I've found one cool little book shop in the valley called Atavist, and I went to the Zine Fair at Southside Tea Room but I was way early. I dig GoMA too.

If you got the chance to collaborate with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why?

I'm going to go with Mr. Squiggle.

What is the best thing about what you do? And what is the hardest?

Best - That I've been able to do it. Hardest - finances!

How hard is it being an artist in this modern age? Do you feel pressure to have to be able to do more in your practice in order to create/have a competitive edge/be eligible for grants?

I moved to brisbane with the idea of not really doing much creative work, but ideas just come I guess. I don't really pressure myself it just happens when it happens. It's not my full time gig, I still have to work in cafes etc

With grant applications I think you just need a really slick proposal and a reasonable budget.

One piece of advice you’d give to budding artists?


What’s next for you? 

Don't really know. I'm doing a couple things back in Melbourne soonish. I guess I've got to get out there and meet some peeps in Brisbane and try get amongst it.

Oh and if anyone wants a tattoo or needs any illustration/graphic design work get in touch.

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