OUT: Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing at Jugglers

Words by Wendy Ma

Jugglers Art Space was packed on Friday night, in anticipation of the announcement of the winner of the Marie Ellis OAM Prize for drawing. The cream of the crop of local artists skilled in the medium of drawing just blew us away! We especially enjoyed the diversity of the works. Each finalist brought something unique to the show, whether demonstrating impeccable technical skills to pure innovation, solid conceptual ideas or the undying craft of the traditional, in the end they all showed they stayed true to their processes and were passionate about their master pieces.

This year the event was directed by Peter Breen (Brisbane based artist and radiographer) and Holly Riding (artist and journalism student). The events celebrates the history of Jugglers Art Space, read more about it here!

Ballots for the people's choice awards are still open Thursday August 8, Friday August 9, Saturday August 10 (12- 5pm) at Jugglers. Pop in and help a brother out with $5000 Oxlades Gift Voucher.

Declan / Graphic Design Student and Tory / Web Designer

1. Who are your favourites in the show?
D - I like the one by Nicola Hooper.
T - Me too, it's my sister and his auntie! We will be voting for her tonight.

2. Last arts event you attended?
T - We came to the 50/50 fundraiser here.

3. What arts related event are you looking forward to in Brisbane?
D - Foals at Tivoli in September!
T - Sampology.

4. What would be your favourite type of art event?
T - I saw Marina Abramović's The Artist Is Present and thought that was brilliant in terms of performance art. But otherwise street art, favourites being Anthony Lister and Keiron McMaster.
D - I'd say street art as well, I like Shepard Fairey

Madeleine / Creative Writing Student at QUT and Paige / Music Student at QUT

1. What did you get up to today?
M - Played music at home and then came straight here because I'm involved with the promotion of the invent. For work experience at Jugglers, did the distribution side of things.
P - Baking cakes all day! 

2. What brings you here tonight?
M  - I worked for jugglers.
P - Just heard about it, there are really lovely works that catch your eye.

3. What is your favourite?
M - The brown one with fox and girl (which later was announced the winner) also the one with Shakira lyrics in the description!
P - The birds by Thom Stuart, also the Shakira lyrics one, what a legend, that's going to win!

4. Last cultural event attended?
M - My Dad's exhibition in Noosa, he's a still life painter.
P - I'm always out and about at music things but can't remember! Arty event would be WEARS at The Box.

5. What are you looking forward to?
M - Sleeping in!
P - Lots of gigs! Me and best friend writing a song.