What's the stitch?

Spool Collective is run by a team of young Brisbane creatives - Athalia Foo, Wendy Ma, Jesse Thompson and contributors Steph Stainlay and Emma Jones. Founded in mid-2012, the collective is committed to unravelling the local arts scene and providing emerging artists with a platform to showcase their talents in a multiplicity of disciplines whilst connecting with a broader thread of networks. Spool Collective endeavours to encourage the production of accessible art that de-stigmatises the gap between the arts and non-arts world.

30 seconds with Spool Collective...

Hola Athalia Foo (Producer/Marketing/Social Media)

1. On this side of the world I'm known as:
2. Recently I...
Graduated with distinction from QUT with a double Bachelor in Business (Marketing) and Creative Industries (Drama). On a scale of 1-10 I'd rate it 8.5. I've also been performing in an array of theatre shows, and will soon be in a zombie short film :D

3. If I could have any super power it would be...
Teleportation because I could travel ANYWHERE for free, avoid awkward situations, see the world and evade my arch nemeses! 

4. When I was young I wanted to be...
Taller... and I also wanted to be a marine biologist/supermodel/secret agent/writer/actor/vet 

5. And now I am...
A bit taller, but still quite small. 

6. I'm afraid of...
Failure and overly cooked noodles 

7. I absolutely love...
Art, clever marketing strategies, and when novel ideas work!
8. The best/weirdest advice my mother has given me is...
"What comes out of your mouth comes from the abundance of your heart". ALSO "when you're full you should eat the meat and veges, not the rice" this is the quote that inspired the start of this collective.

Hello Wendy Ma
(Marketing/Social Media/Design)

1. Favourite thing to do at midnight?
Draw or trawl the world wide web. 

2. I'm best known for...
Dabbling in casual 'blogging' via panache halloweentown

3. In my spare time...
Playing video games or hard at work, saving pennies to embark on my next overseas adventure.

4. If I were to own my own country, it would be.....
No idea because it seems stressful! Perhaps the Netherlands because Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities so far, it's so eclectic and full of wonderful (and wacky, in a good way) people.5. And the number one rule would be...
 To have a solid plan for the zombie apocalypse.

6. The one thing I hate most..
Are unadventurous eaters - the squeamish ones that look at you like you’re a freak when you’re about to chow down on something they have never even tried before. They are party poopers and should be punched.

7. The one thing I can't live without is...

8. The weirdest advice my mother's given me is...
To an 8 year old me; to make sure I keep my car doors locked until the garage door was closed, all the while I should check my mirrors in case any murderers had commando rolled into the garage. 

Oh Hayyyyy Jesse Thompson (Administrator/Digital Editor)

1. I was named Jesse because 
My mother wouldn't let my father name me something obscure. (I think Savannah was on the cards if I was a girl).

2. When I meet a new person, I usually...  
Awkwardly reel off an irrelevant anecdote about something funny that happened... I have no idea why.

3. My idea of a perfect day is 
Having breakfast and coffee out somewhere before devolving into a sloth in front of a movie or two.

4. If I could be from any other culture then what I am it would be  
French, but as long as I could live on the French Riviera... or maybe South American because of their accents.

5. If I was a colour on the colour wheel I would be... 
Blue? Dark red? Nothing loud.

6. Three things you generally find me doing  
Watching movies, going to live music gigs or attending arts events that I know too little about.

7. One thing I am ashamed to admit is...  
Just that - knowing too little about the arts, theatre in particular!

8. My biggest fear is:  
Being isolated.


Hi there Danica Larkin (Curator)

1. Most people call me...

2. At the moment I'm...
A student and I think it's really challenging, motivating, inspiring, tiring 

3. On most days you will find me...
At uni, work, or volunteering. 

4. If I had to choose one colour to look at for the rest of my life it would be...
White on white. 

5. One thing people don't know about me is...
I'm not that serious.

6. The best advice my mother gave me was...
Always wash the milky glasses last.

Herroo Stephanie Stainlay (Contributor)

1. I am known for...
Swearing too much.

2. If I could be any fictional character...

I would be Elle Woods from Legally Blonde.

3. A few of my favourite things...

Mars Bar Cookies, The girls I live with, Hanging out with my bro and Ryan Gosling…obviously.

4. What you wanted to be growing up?

A ballerina/tap dancer/actress.

5. What about now? 

An all round adventurous woman.

6. Survival plan if the world is over run by zombies. 

Hide out at my mums! She lives on a giant hill in the middle of the bush. We would survive on her wine and my jaffle maker. So it's not a very good plan really.

7. Biggest Fear?

Crashing my car.

Bonjourno Emma Jones (Contributor)

1. What are you up to these days?
I'm currently studying secondary education (English and LOTE) at QUT, and desperately trying to have a social life, pay rent and save for my Europe trip in the middle of the year!

2.  What's the perfect way to spend a day off?
Delicious brunch and coffee somewhere I haven't been, followed by hanging out with a few friends and beers.

3.  If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
I've always wanted to go to Berlin, so definitely there.  Or my true love, Melbourne.

4.  What are your three most prized possessions?
My signed Tame Impala album, letters from my dad and sister, and my MacBook (I am waaaaay too dependent on technology).

5.  Dream pet, and why?
A pegasus.  I can't drive so it would definitely help with getting around.

6.  Biggest fear?
I'm actually terrified of the ocean.  It's so big and we're so small in comparison.  It genuinely freaks me out.

7.  Favourite places in Brisbane?
Cafe Bouquiniste, Kerbside and Ric's.