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Generation Wuss (UK Collaboration)

Collaborating for the first time with Australian-UK artist Sophie Millis, Spool Collective and Millis combine forces to bring you Generation Wuss - an exhibition about you, for you!

Too bad for us it's in Brighton (UK)....

Generation Wuss

The Simpsons. Crop tops. Platforms. Gifs.  Tumblr. Blogspot. Comme des f*ckdown. Int3rn3t F4mou$. Youtube Youtube Youtube. Instrgram that. Emojis. ☺ Trash. Disposable. Reality TV. Brooke Candy. Grimes. Slutz. Glitch. :| Candy-coloured hair. A hundred likes.  A thousand followers. Fashion tribes.  Unicorns.  Collabs. Me Me Me Me ME.

“Hey GENERATION WUSS: Grow a dick.” – Bret Easton Ellis

Generation Wuss (working title) is an exhibition that isn’t really about anything, but you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. It is more about the intriguing people of our generation. We make because we want to. We make because we don’t want to do anything else. We make from boredom, to be seen, to stay relevant.

It’s the time of fast music, fast fashion and fast fame, and we drink it in like so much soda pop. Generation Wuss is a celebration of the hold Pop culture has on our generation – the gif’d-out glam of internet fame coupled with the individual’s struggle to stay relevant without being pushed under the overwhelming wave of daily content. Generation Wuss walks the thin line between realizing the gaping hole of dread and the light heartedness of taking life with a ‘don’t give a shit’ attitude.

Everguide X Spool Collective

This year, Spool Collective and Everguide are teaming up to bring more news to the people - all things independent, local, arts and a bit underground will be collated fortnightly for your calendar's convenience!  Check out our posts here.

In the meantime, we've got sum'n in the pipes!! Stay tuned, creative kids....

Kawaii Diaries

A side project of Spool Collective's, Kawaii Diaries follows the travels two of our Spooler's for a few months over seas in the land of the rising sun, Japan. This travel blog will take you to meet the locals, sleep on tatami mats, travel the metro and gorge on sushi, all the while searching for where the locals eat, shop, play and dabble in the arts. Click here to read more!

Spool Collective x Bleeding Heart Gallery for Ur(bne) Festival

S P A C E @ Bleeding Heart Gallery

Take a blank piece of paper. Cut, paint, fold, draw, make it big, make it small, crumple it, crease it, rip it, destroy it. What is it now? What can you create? How will it represent you? How will it represent where you come from?

Spool Collective proudly invites you to enter their S P A C E - a multi-arts exhibition about Brisbane and the SPACEs we create in, conceived from the idea of what countless possibilities can arise within a clean, bright, new working space (like a fresh sheet of paper). What are our favourite hidey-holes, disheveled buildings and contemporary platforms that localites distinctively call home, and how do they influence what we build?

Curated by Spool Collective, in conjunction with Bleeding Heart Gallery and Ur(bne) Festival (Urbne Collective), the exhibition will showcase seven local Brisbane artists and three local Brisbane zine groups. The likes of Jesse Olsen, Maximillian Strewe, Eloise Maree, Jared Worthington, Zics zines and Small House Books will be filling the S P A C E of Bleeding Heart Gallery from opening night on April 26 to 02 May.

Advice From Your Mother

"My mother once said -
   leave the rice and eat the vegges and meat.
   never pull a face in the wind.
   don't drink water before bed."

Advice From Your Mother is an exhibition exploring the human need for others and the nostalgia of moments in conversation with those wise matriarchal figures who have guided, amused, reprimanded and cared for us.

Curated and produced by Spool Collective, Advice From Your Mother will showcase ten Brisbane emerging and emergent artists, each creating work specific to one medium. From painting and graphic design to sculpture, performance and photography, a multitude of art forms will explore the subject matter.