OUT: Seven with Another

Words by Wendy Ma

Soda pop cures for each of the seven deadly sins, giving each other temporary body art and spinning an old school Phenakistoscope to reveal a story were just a few of the highlights at Seven with Another opening night!

The Powerhouse, until Wednesday 17th July, contains the finished product of 14 great minds and 7 teams (across all creative disciplines), mingling and meshing all in the name of creativity.  We witnessed what a film maker and textile designer could do, a copyrighter and architect could build, also the what you get if you put a musician and tattoo artist together.

The results are nothing short of boring, that's for sure!

Caroline/26/Industrial Designer, Alex/34/Industrial Designer , Nadia/27/Optometrist

1. What was the most exciting thing you did today?

C - Packing for New Zealand, because we're going on a winter snow holiday!
A - Went for a 75km road ride this morning, as I'm attempting to ride half the tour de france distance in tour de france time plus ten days.
N - Doing the carter kinetic wheel was pretty cool at this exhibition.

2. Favourite work in the exhibition?

C - We would all agree the most impressive piece of work is done by Leo and Emily which is the cicada animation, the kinetic wheel. Leo is my husband, non biased woudl be the colurful wall, just because I like bright colours.
A - cloud by Marianne Harvey (copyrighter) and Paul Owen (architect). Concept wise it was cool and the images projected are so subtle it's like and ink blot, you can't quite see, then you see it and takes a while to figure out what they were.
N - Leo and Emily is great and also the wall installation is impressive.

3. Arts related events you're looking forward to attending?

C - I'm keen to go to Sydney In Design in August.
A - Listen Out will be really cool! I've beent to that space for Something for Kate. They had a really cool installation art of shipping containers lined with foil and strobe lights, there were warning signs of epileptic fits. It was psycho inside so I think that was a great side thing. It's not the same a River stage, but we'll see!
N - Sydney band Papa Pilko and the Bin Rats are playing at The Joint 23rd August, they are one of the most entertaining bands I've seen perform.

4. A recent arts events you attended in Brisbane?

C - The launch for Depot, it's a cool space staff are friendly. I like the idea of having a design studio upstairs and a restaurant downstairs, keen to check it out in the future to see how they go
A - Screening of film by Josh Coaplen, about Keirin racing in Japan. It's was a documentary screening at palace.
N - In Brisbane recently, a massive optometry convention I'm a massive nerd so I really enjoyed it, it was the first time it was held in Brisbane, so it was exciting!