OUT: Southside Tea Room Zine & Comic Fair

Words by Stephanie Stainlay

Last Sunday was kind of miserable and rainy but luckily Southside Tea Room were hosting their first Zine and Comic Fair and gave me a reason to get out of my pjs. The cosy cafe located in Morningside played host to a bunch of Brisbane's brightest and finest underground alt zine makers and illustrators who pour hours into making their work simply for the love of it. The fair gave the artists an opportunity to sell some of their crafty work and also meet new people who are doing the same thing. Some of the zines and comics there on the day were Slubs, Nancy and Bad Teeth.  It was basically a lovely afternoon of beers, babes, and really cool reading material.



Beatriz Bravo does the cutest comics about her dog and amazing little recipe books/comics + she graduated from New York's school of Visual Arts. Ugh, talented. http://www.beabravo.com/ 

Little bb matchbox zines!!! ^.^ www.lavenderroom.etsy.com
Haul from the day : )