OUT: First Light @ The Hold Artspace

Words by Athalia Foo

I love heading along to an exhibition and getting more then you expected!

It was my first time at The Hold Artspace, so as well as checking out the nooks and crannies of this great new gallery we were treated to the works of a whopping 26 Brisbane photographers.

The Hold Artspace's current exhibition First Light had it's opening night this Wednesday, and while all the works were photography based it was super refreshing to see the subject medium interpreted in so many different ways.

We saw plenty of different colours, some texturing, photography you could wear, smell and hear, and, more then anything, photography that showed us unique view points from literally every angle. Definite favourites for us, though, were Broccoli Avenue (Anna Birkette), the Tittering series (Chelsea Miller) and The Study of Contentment (Lesley Denny). 

(Left to Right) Thomas Cranstoun/21/Film Director and Victoria Cranstoun/21/QCA Creative Advertising and Photography Student

1. The best thing you did today?
T: Coming here!
V: I cleaned my house. It was a big deal.

2. Favourite art work in the First Light exhibition?
T: The smell-a-vision work 
V: Same. Or the colourful onions. Imagine how many onions they would have had to chop up!

3. What is your favourite arts venue in Brisbane?
T: I think West End is a great place to foster creativity
V: Probably the Tivoli

4. What was the last exhibition you went to?
T&V: We went to the same one. The Bangladesh exhibition at QCA

5. What are you looking forward to?
T: I'm looking forward to Brisbane being more involved creatively.
V: Having my (photography) work published.

Sinead Ward/19/QCA Photojournalism student and Conor Ward/18/Carpenter

1. Favourite work from tonight?
C: I wasn't going to say the boobs, but yeah, probably the boobs.
S: The smelling one with the earphones and photos

2. What was the last arts event you attended?
C: I went to the World Press opening at the Powerhouse the other day
S: Yeah, me too. It's really worth checking out.

3. Favourite arts venue?
C: The Powerhouse
S: I'm not sure actually...Black Bear Lodge?

4. What are you looking forward to?
C: Splendour in the Grass! I can't wait
S: I'm going to Peru next week!