OUT: We Love Pupil at Parco Museum (Tokyo)

Okay, you caught me! This post is an excuse to get someone else other then me excited with this overly cute and overly dressed iconic fashion dolls! Parco's Parco Museum's current exhibition is 'We <3 Pullip 10th Anniversary" - a doll that is a little bit 'Bratz' but a lot stylish! For the 300 yen we paid, we definitely got our fair share of  incredible outifts including, and not restricted to, mermaids, angelic nymphs, school girl J-pop groups, Alice in Wonderland themes, goth lolita, harajuku girl, kittens, royalty, rock stars and even gloomy Pullip dolls. 

The exhibition runs to March 11th so pop in if you're in the area. Otherwise, do like I do and stalk the dolls online!!