OUT: Gung Ho at Black Bear Lodge.

Having heard a lot of good things about Gung Ho recently I thought it was time I actually checked these guys out! Celebrating the release of their new EP Anywhere Elsewhere with an east coast tour of Australia, the boys stopped by their hometown and performed at Black Bear Lodge last Thursday night. Black Bear is an intimate venue and when packed it becomes like a sweaty little sauna, which is fun if you think of it like a detox rehab centre that allows you to drink while you sweat out the previous nights alcohol.

Winning the crowd over with their infectious, breezy beach pop, Gung Ho appeared relaxed and happy on stage, interacting with the rowdy crowd in between songs. The highlight of the night for me was seeing the drummer, James, break out into a fully fledged rap that he had apparently been practicing a million times to the dislike of the other band members.

Memorable moments also go to the amazing long-haired couple who stood in front of me and swung their hair around for the entire set, they were very focused and dedicated to this, well done. Gung Ho’s last song, ‘Side by Side’, was a crowd favourite and even made some sweaty dudes crowd surf and rip their shirts off afterwards. Woo!

The 2 headbangin' lovers.


Mae/24/Gymnastics Instructor

1. What did you do today?
It was my birthday today! I walked around Paddington with my boyfriend, he bought me a big bunch of lilies. We had brunch at Urban Grind, ate some chocolate at Monty's Chocolates, then I went to work for an hour, then we went to Jazz Cat Restaurant for dinner.

2. What was the last arts event you went to?
All Tomorrow's Parties in Melbourne.

3. What gigs have you seen in Brisbane in the last month?
My Bloody Valentine at The Tivoli were amazing!! I don't really see much live music but when I do I make sure I really love the band and that its worth while.

4. Are there any gigs your looking forward to over the next month?
Wild Nothing at Alhambra, I might go to that.

5. How would you describe Gung Ho in 3 words?
Sparkly throwing hammerheads.

6. Biggest Fear?
Getting another migraine.