OUT: Seekae

Last night we saw Seekae at The Zoo. It wasn't like playing +Dome in your room like I expected it to be (even though it's one of my favourite things to do).  Each song sounded different, in a good way and we heard a few new ones too! We enjoyed the show so much, it felt like it ended too soon.

We also checked out the new bar Fourth Wall on Ann St (run by the genius mixologist who used to work at Kerbside) and had a few delicious cocktails and a couple'a brewskies. It's hard to find a bar that makes exceptional cocktails without the pomp and fluff of the 'mixology' titles, so going to Fourth Wall was a real treat! We definitely recommend heading here for some cosy and quality pre/post beverages made with true love and served on ice! 

The night ended at Black Bear, where we cut a serious rug or two. So here are some friendly folks we met along the way.

Mitchell Huard / 22 / Studying Civil Engineering

1. What did you think of Seekae? Really Good.

2. Last arts related event you attended? Something in Brooklyn, NY!

3. Best advice your mother has given you? Stay in School. 

Lana Bray-Smith / 20 / Studying Primary Education

1. Seekae? Off the Richter. I felt ecstasy!

2. Last arts related event you attended? DFO Igloo exhibition.

3. Best advice your mother has given you? If I say something gross about myself (like I don't like my arms or something), she'll say 'at least it  works.'

Jack Gilmore / 22 / Engineering and Commerce Student

1. Seekae? They were twelve times better than I could imagine/anything I've ever seen.

2. Last art event? The mummy exhibition.

3. Advice from your mother? Don't smoke cigarettes.

Lachlan Richards / 20 / Full time jerk, also works at Ortiga

1. Seekae? Didn't go.

2. Nice jacket. It's a puffa from London.

3. Last art related event you went to? The 18th Biennale of Sydney at the MCA.

4. Best advice your mother has given you? Don't go near that vomit.

Bec Gardner / 18 / Business Student (QUT), Barista at Espresso Garage

1. Highlight of the night? Hanging out with ma girls!

2. Last Art related event you attended? That gross one we went to, we left after 5 minutes, it was at Dunlop Street.

3. Best advice your mother has given you? Don't play with your food, and YOLO.

Scott Stewart / 42 / Muso

1. Tell us about your drawings? I love cars, music, girls. I draw anything; representational objects.

2. Last arts related event you went to? A gig at Elephant and Wheelbarrow.

3. Advice your mother gave you? Get a job, a girlfriend, a car and there you are.