OUT: Short Stay (Mild Manners X Semi-Permanent)

Words Wendy Ma  & interview Athalia Foo

Fish Lane Studios surprisingly turned into quite the sardine tin at Short Stay, a exhibition by Mild Manners and Semi - Permanent. This fresh young venue housed the print work and illustrations of Ghostpatrol, Miso and Sean Morris as well as one of our own, publisher Small House Books! The exhibition was part of a short term residency program that included several workshops with the artists and publication launches throughout the two weeks.

Quaint illustrations and installation pieces stole our hearts while the stick and poke DIY tattoo room was confronting (YOUCH looks painful). Yet it was beautiful the way the video was shot dream-like as well as the delicate constellation designs each person was receiving.

Couldn't help ourselves, we had to take one of the immaculately hand made zines home with us...

Hannie/ Hospitality Al/barista Helen/Nanny
1. Highlight of the show so far?
H - I've been a fan of Miso for a while now, I find her work very inspiring and beautiful. I'm also a fan of Ghostpatrol as well.
A - Ghostpatrol, I've been following for a while and Miso as well
He - I didn't know any of the artists before I came here tonight but I enjoyed the Miso video and the photoes were really nice.

2. Favourite works?
A - Stick and poke show is really good...video is confronting but nice.
H - Learnt a lot from that actually!

3. Next arts events you're looking forward to?
A - Life drawing show at Jugglers. Also there's a show on at Metro Arts the same nights, I few of my friends will be in that.
H/He - Same!

4. If you were a digital device/social media platform what would you be and why?
H - Two way radio between truckies.
A - That would be awesome, when we were little we'd steal my dad's and host our own radio talk show, we were ten and called it pirate radio. We'd play our own cd's like the Cranberries and they'd tell us to get off. They hated it. Seems like my calling to be a two way radio as well.
He - Gameboy colour, probably a purple one.

5. Favourite new places in the Brisbane art scene?
A - Fish lane or Jugglers, heaps of cool things are cropping up.
H - Judith Wright, Black Cat is impressive.
He - Not sure but I just get to come along with these guys and see things!