FESTIVAL PICKS: 2high Festival 2013

Words by Athalia Foo / Emma Jones / Jesse Thompson

2high Festival is taking over the Brisbane Powerhouse once again, for the largest Brisbane emerging arts festival this side of the world!

My stress levels always severely increase around festival times. I am riddled with deep seated FOMO (fear of missing out!) and 2high Festival has got us FOMO'ing once again, attempting to whittle down the billions of options on our calendar to a handful of must sees!

It was tough (it took three of us to decide!) but here's our list of 2high Festival 'not to be missed' works!


The Astro Travellers
1.50pm - 2.30pm / Turbine Platform / Band camp here

My pick of the day! This eclectic have so much going on, with groovy rhythms and just general good vibes, they are definitely a must-see!

The Kite String Tangle 
6.00pm - 6.40pm / Turbine Studio / Sound Cloud Here 

THIS GUY! You can't go too far without hearing someone talk about The Kite String Tangle these days, and it's no wonder why. His widely circulated single, "Given The Chance" is one of my favourite songs of the year, and I am so excited to finally get to see him! Get to his set to see what everyone is talking about!

5.20pm - 6.00pm / Outside Stage / Triple J Unearthed

Eves - Mucho Bravado's next big thing, Eves is doing it for the girls! Once upon a time, she went by her full name, Hannah Karydas, but has now taken on the moniker "Eves", and is now ready to take on the world! She has a beautiful voice, and some amazingly constructed songs, and will not be one to miss this Saturday!


Ponay by CTsomething
All Day / Level 3

Performance x film x freedom to play - this is te basis of CTsomething's 2high Festival work Ponay. The duo's video based work looks into the 'relationships between action and perception' and one's own personal boundaries and the tensions that exist between absurd behaviours and a playful spirit.

Untitled by Ilma Gore
3.00pm - 7.00pm / Plaza

Brisbane graffiti doyen Illma Gore first pricked our ears with the zany aerosol murals she whipped up at various scribble slams. She messes with classic art too. Catch her live rendition of the Mona Lisa from 3-7pm.

Digitial Head by Jason Haggerty 
All Day / Ground Level, Powerhouse

Jason Haggerty isn't the first artist to decry the human body as obsolete, but his instillation Digital Head meshes this idea with themes of advertising, social networks and pop culture to tug at the duality of online/offline existence.

Classic and Cult Movie Retrospective by Kristian Fletcher
All Day / Turbine Platform

You'll usually catch cult film connoisseur Kristian Fletcher exhibiting some long-forgotten artefact of 70s cult media at various Bris venues. His latest work is a cult-oriented collaboration between video artists and musicians


An Intimate Evening with the Architects of Sound
6.35pm - 7.10pm / Graffiti Room 

This Brisbane trio of electronic artists brings their experimental, hybrid performance work to the Graffiti Room, fusing together elements of spontaneous choreography, over-the-top performance art costumes, personal memory and original electro beats to accompany. They tout this as the night they 'sky rocket...to intergalactic fame' so I definitely think it's a must see!

11.00am - 4pm / Wink Well 

Mixing installation and performance art, this choreographed work brings to light the disconnected reality of our modern life, and our physical human relationship to technology as an extension of ourselves. A product of 2high Festival's megamix artist collaboration program, this work brings together the talents of a dancer and a fashion designer.

Pierced Ears
1.15pm - 1.45pm / Visy Theatre

The Light Ensemble's premise is built on giving young people with disabilities a strong and proud voice and the ability to express their own creativity through performance. The ensemble returns to 2high Festival this year with Pierced Ears, a work that shares those open, awkward and sometimes irrevocably hilarious yet bittersweet moments that we all seem to encounter.