OUT: Gstar Raw X Skrillex (Tokyo)

Thanks to some of my good local buddies I was able to tag along with them to a Gstar Raw x Skrillex product launch last week. It was at this place in the Harajuku area thats usually a swish restaurant/cafe called Montoak with the exception of those times when it turns into a fashion-centred venue for brand and product launches. 

Amongst the free beer, champagnes, wine and sugoi kakoi (super cool!) projections and dj booth scratch-ups I was lucky enough to rub shoulders with some of Tokyo's finest young fashionistas, including designer Tsubasa Nomura of CHUP Socks fame (interview coming soon!)

Just as an FYI for you local Brisbane fashion kings and queens, while you can purchase these trendy accessories for your shoes and feet online, Brisbane's very own Apartment on Charlotte street stocks them for your convenience too! And it's a good thing - cos you can't feel how great they are online!

It's fashion week this week too! So expect a couple more feature posts from some upcoming events :)  

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