Escape From The Breakup Forest by The Mixtape Collective left me with a massive grin on my face from start to finish. This show is intelligent, entertaining, relatable, funny and also features music by the likes of Missy Elliot and Shakira. Yes, Shakira. With the Collective all sharing the same dream of creating theatre for an audience that doesn’t know about theatre or doesn’t get theatre, Breakup Forest is totally relatable with characters in the show that I swear I have met all before.

When dumped by his first love Emma, Josh’s world shrinks to a haphazard existence of Special K for dinner, late night sit coms and restrained urges to bludgeon his co-workers. Banished to the Breakup Forest, Josh – joined by his beady-eyed puppet spirit guide - embarks on an epic quest to escape the home for the terminally dumped.

This show reminds me a lot of The Escapists Boy Girl Wall in terms of it being totally rad but also in terms of the look of the set made out of cardboard and tape and the manipulation of props and projections used to tell the story in an entertaining and unique way. But these are all pretty surface level similarities, Escape From Breakup Forest holds itself down as a new, fresh piece of independent theatre. The Mixtape Collective will take you on a journey of pop culture references, fold out campfires, sluts from hell, dick heads and sweet hearts all in 70 minutes.

The three performers, Steve Pirie, Ell Sashs and Dan Stewart each have a powerful stage presence, giving both comical and touching performances. Sachs was particularly impressive transforming into multiple characters throughout the show from 21 year old, pouting, butt shaking, breezer drinking ‘Queen of the Sluts’ to Craig, the epitome of dick head that we love to hate complete with a ‘Such Is Life’ chest tattoo (what a ledge).

This show made me feel like theatre is still a relevant art form so thats pretty cool.

Tickets have been selling out for this show so do yourself a bloody favour and book fast HERE! Plus tickets range from only $19 - $23.This gem runs till this Saturday 23rd of March at The Judith Wright Centre.

The only seats left were amongst a high school group. But it was actually great, their reactions were almost as entertaining as the show. I liked it when there was a wave of confused whispers when 'The Queen of the Sluts' yelled she was just putting her diaphragm in. 
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Jake Shavikin / 22 / Theatre Producer + Bartender  &  Lauren Sherritt / 23 / Writer + Director
1. What did you get up to today?
J: I worked at the Judith Wright Centre.
L: I applied for a grant, worked at a tuition center and I also cleaned my house because we had an inspection today and the real estate finally ticked the excellent box on the inspection form! ☺

2. What was the last arts event you went to?

J: Gob Squads Kitchen at the World Theatre Festival.
L: Sammy J and Randy at the Comedy Festival and the Asia Pacific Triennial at GOMA.

3. Do you have any funny break up stories you would like to share?
J: When I was 16 I broke up with my girlfriend of 1 month over msn. We are still best friends to this day.
L: I once planned a romantic night picnic at a park down the road but then I changed my mind and ended up breaking up with him on the date. It was also super creepy and weird because for some reason there was an abundance cane toads surrounding us and he hated toads so It was actually kind of great but also quite awkward.

4. A piece of theatre you enjoyed recently?
J: I Heart Alice Heart I and Gob Squads Kitchen.
L: I liked The Economist; that inspired me.

Pip Thomas / 16 / Student  &  Jacinta Bingham / 16 / Student  &  Caitlyn Paul / 17 / Student
1. What did you get up to today?
P: We went to school in Toowoomba, we are all here with our teacher to support independent theatre from Toowoomba!

2. What was the last arts event you went to?
P: The Illusionists at QPAC.
J & C: Ned Kelly at QPAC

3. Any cringe worthy break up stories?
P: I once broke up with a boy by telling him I was a lesbian. I’m not.
C: Well this is more serious and sad then cringe worthy but once a boy I dated crashed his motorbike after I broke up with him. He is ok now. But I felt pretty bad.

4. What did you guys think of Breakup Forest?
C: Loved it! It was so funny and Craig is pretty much like all the boys at our school so that was hilarious.
P & J: It was so entertaining and clever. All the characters were so easy to relate to.