Previously exclusive to artists and industry professionals, the event centered around critical art discussion was open to the public for the first time last night! Being immersed in each emerging artists' processes gave insight into genuine sentiments translated through the works whether it is professional, for a specific audience or purely self indulgent. It's fascinating how learning the reasoning behind the artists' actions also influences the way you appreciate a work! There was also a heated moment or two between creator and curator...we love drama mwahah.

All in all Salon at Art Snack was quite an insightful experience. We realized that you could possibly fall in love with an idea behind a work rather than the finished prodcut. I guess it's like...you wouldn't judge a book by it's cover?

Sadly, Art Snack shuts it's doors this Saturday night so we recommend you pop into the shop before then, take a peep at the works (and who knows, maybe purchase one for your self! Michael Candy's rings ARE preeeetttyyy sweet!)

David Pfeiffer / 27 / Social Worker

1. Are you related to Michelle? Not related.

2. What did you take away from the show, first word that comes to mind? Great! Off milk.

3. Last arts event you attended? Addition 4/5?

4. Something you're looking forward to? Blink-182 in February!

5. What is your biggest fear? Dying alone.

6. Where did you get your awesome shirt from? T Bar

Benjamin Werner / <30 / Artist

1. What was the highlight of your day? Being back at Artisan (art gallery) in the Valley, installing, creating.

2. What did you think of Salon? It's a lovely idea, lovely space, talking about the way that artist's work. Sebastian Moody...amazing.

3. Art related event you're looking forward to? Puscifer and Presets around my birthday!

4. What is your biggest fear? Not knowing what it is. And kryptonite.

5. Who would you be if you got to be a villain? Joaquin Pheonix in I'm Still Here.

6. Most memorable arts event you last attended? Jon Cattapan I installed at QUT art museum, it was a war memorial exhibition and inspires my work at the moment.

Also Sayonara to this little piggie , who is off to Tokyo-town, this is her last Spool event and boy did we make the most of it! #partielyf #doubledranks