When I was 9 I won a colouring in competition. It was the most wonderful day of my pre-pubescent life. Since then I have nay felt the thrill and excitement of the crayon and faber castell pencil... until now.

Our friends at Nancy Zine have a very creative proposal for us!

For those of you who just LOVE to doodle they're looking fot submissions from illustrators for their next zine. An exclusively illustrations based edition, this next zine sounds uber cute and hyper coloured! 

HoW dO yOu GeT yO' wOrKz In!?
  1. Submit your illustration in COLOUR BY NUMBER format in JPEG or PDF to hollyriding@live.com
  2. Deadline is 3 February
  3. Attach a short artist bio to your email!
  4. Keep to the colour key
COLOUR KEY (please keep this in mind when creating)
1. red
2. yellow
3. blue
4. green
5. purple
6. pink
7. orange
8. brown 
9. black
10. white

BEST OF LUCK :) we hope to see your illustrations flaunting their stuff on the pages of dear Nancy!