OUT: Mens in Corpore + Seven With Another

Hola Spoolers!  Once again we've been overwhelmingly busy trying to keep up with all that our creatively buzzing city throws at us.  On Thursday night we payed a visit to Mens in Corpore by QCA Photographer Ilia Beckmann, taking place in the neat upstairs exhibition space at the Wooloongabba Art Gallery

The exhibition was really interesting as it concerned itself not so much with what's inside the photo so much as the process of creation, and how creative thought influences and distorts the end product.  Although a small space, there was plenty of variety ranging from a sculpture (comprising of dozens of mosaic rectangle tiles, some of which were well-hidden photographic copies reproduced with the aid of Photoshop), a slideshow of nudes posed in a completely draped-in-white set, and several series of prints challenging the notion of what you see and whats underneath the art work.  All in all, the exhbition showcased a multitude of experimental artworks, all of which inspired thought and were testimony to hours of meticulous artistic planning.

Our next stop was the sixth installment of Seven With Another, a very daring and unusual exhibition set up outside the Visy Theatre at the Brisbane Powerhouse.  The brainchild of two emerging Brisbane creatives, Seven With Another tears fourteen artists away from their comfort zones by pairing them with another Brisbane creative from a different discipline. 

This instalment saw pairings between a fashion designer and architect, sculpture artist and film director, progammer and illustrator, product designer and general creative, animator and vocalist, maker and photographer, and jewellry designer and typography (full profiles here).  The result was seven very original artworks from matching calligraphy and jewellry design to a neon electric chair, and even a fortune-telling shrimp with its own Twitter account

If you haven't already had time to check this seriously cool exhibition out, don't fret!  It's open during Powerhouse opening hours until Wednesday, 12 December and admission is FREEEEE.

Aaron Gillett / Designer at Joseph Mark, Ben Hamley / Audience Manager at Queensland Museum and Emmy-Lou Hamley / Clinical Nurse at Headspace

1.  Favourite installation from tonight?

A - The neon electric chair.
B - Dimensions by Mark Lobo and Adam Head.
E - The fortune-telling crustacean. 

2.  What did you get up to today?

A - Worked all day, on music-related projects.
B - I was thinking about the role of museums, and how they're like churches of ideas. 
E - Promoted good mental health.

3. Last arts event you attended?

A - Teen Girl Fantasy at Coniston Lane.
B - Prado Up Late at GOMA.  It was awesome.
E - The Leonardo da Vinci exhibition.

4.  Any future events you're looking forward to?

A - I'm looking forward to APT.
B - I'm installing an braintraining zone at The Edge.  It uses EEGs to measure brain activity.
E - A show called Youth Exposed - it showcases the artwork of lots of young refugees and asylum seekers using a variety of mediums.

5.  Biggest fear?

A - Complacency.
B - Unchecked bureaucracy.
E - The world losing empathy.