OUT: Take Flight, Doomsday, RAW Brisbane Awards Night

Hi everyone, we hope that you are well! We've missed our outings and street features dearly so what's a better way than plunging into the deep end with a jam packing night armed with a new spooler, Jesse Thompson! This guy writes for the 500 club and never fails to brighten up our day, he's also a film student and this is his face.

First stop was QUT's 'Take Flight' Interior Design Final Year Exhibition at Fuse furniture. Apart from being an industry event where professionals are able to meet the latest creative crop of talent, it was clearly an event to be enjoyed. Free flowing delicious goodies and champagne paraded through the space while we perused each aspiring designer's boards to electronic ambiance. Environmental, social and ethical sustainability as well as a demonstration of theoretical design framework were evident but what added a warm touch was how personal these boards were. Students were invited to reminisce about their favorite places they've been, people they have met and defining moments that shaped each student designer. Not so much of a resume but a diary and documentation of hard work and heart felt moments.

Next up, we experienced an immersive performance; Shopfront Residency: Ten failed doomsday prophecies and the end of the world. Not sure what we were in store for, a handful of the audience were seated around a table and became the core of the performance. This multimedia performance explored creation, preservation and impending doom. The seated were invited to give offerings, chow down on popcorn and drink passion pop whilst being wrapped in money and cling wrap. It ended in a 90's rave dance party then eerie contemplation, holding hands with strangers. This collaborative project, work in progress was definitely a fun experience, joining in is a powerful thing!

Jules/ Waitress at Lock 'n' Load and Michelle/Fine Arts at QUT

1. What did you think of the show?
J -  I really enjoyed it, it was good!
M - I really liked it.

2. Favourite part?
J - Food fight in the middle we started!
M - All the food tasted plastic, the flowers and the popcorn...

3. Last arts event you attended?
J - I went to an arts opening last night, Dana Henn at the box.
M - The Chain at the Ice Cream Factory. One artist was given a word, like breathe then they had to creative something using the concept before passing it to another artist, like Chinese whispers.

4. What are you looking forward to?
J - Evolution.
M - Looking forward to seeing Peyote Coyote

5. Biggest fear?
J - Human stupidity.
M - Plastic.

To end the night, we were invited along to RAWARDS which is RAW Brisbane's awards night at the Arena! This was the last RAW event for the year so we knew it would be a big one! We voted for the best in the category of hair, makeup, fashion, visual art, photography, film, dance and music as we were treated to a candy bar (supposedly, but that was gone by the time we got in) and live bands. The place was decked out with models, art and even a photobooth. Brisbane got big and bright and brought out those closet talents of choice; Johnny Rampant and Ellie Andersen!

Jake/ Law Student and Claudia/ Art(print maker) Graduate QCA

1. Last arts event you attended? 
C - QCA Grad show Wednesday night!
J - Grad show as well but last RAWR event before that.

2. Favourite part of the night?
C - The visual art.
J - Photogaphy 

3. What are you looking forward to?
C - Making a living doing what I do!
J - Chistmas with the family up north.

4. Biggest Fear?
C - Being along.
J - Failure!

Here is Claudia's blospot as well; check out her work at claudiahusband.blogspot.com.