Okay Okay Okay.

So our competition finishes on Sunday, and while we've been getting some A-grade submissions in to win our primo prizes we thought we'd whet your whistle and help get you a bit excited for whats to come for BIFF!

The BIFF team released their program (finally!!! yay!!) the other day, and holy wow it's pretty foreboding! So to help you sift through the torrent of good talent we've made a short list of 6 films, summed up using 6 phrases.

Believe me. This list was SUPER HARD TO CREATE:


Fernando Meirelles. Tangled medley. Infidelity and passion. Sexual mishaps. Anthony Hopkins, Rachel Weisz, Ben Foster, Jude Law, Jamel Debbouze.  Dilemmas and fate.

About Face

Iconic women. Beauty. Aging. Anecdotes. Life experience. Documentary and observation.

Carnival Magic

Chimp-splotation. Not for kids. Awe-inspiringly demented. Many questions about the unsavoury goings on. CARNIVAL F**KING MAGIC.


Ai Wei Wei. Brothers Grimm. Where art and life meet. A culmination of hopes, dreams and disappointments. A living fairytale. Created from 2000+ hours of footage and interviews.


Brit-black-humour. Romance on holiday. Caravaning. Murder. Hilarious, gory and decidedly off-kilter. Sex.

Meet the Fokkens

Twins in Amsterdam. Sex workers. Candid, warm and occasionally explicit. 69 years old. Dutch. Daily life of a prostitute struggling to retire.

ALSO, here's a sneaky addition:

The ABC's Of Death