OUT: Zombie U

Saturday morning we were extras on the set of Zombie U, a short film by Mat Quintana developed with QPIX to be entered into local and international short film festivals. We've never looked so scary, thanks to the special effects team! Here are a zombie friends we met on the day...

Hannah Louise / 20 / Full Time Admin at a construction and mining company

1. Last arts even you attended? Raw at Oh Hello!

2. What are you up today? Being a zombie extra

3. Are you a performer/actor? No this is my first time, I heard about it and got linked by a friend.

4. Best advice your mother gave you? Follow your bliss, it's from a fridge magnet haha.

5. Something you're looking forward to? Seeing different bands. My cousins are in the band, Aerials.

Josh Tame / 20 / Private Security Contractor, Self Defense Trainer (has trained QLD police force)

1. How'd you get involved today? Dad's a special effects artist.

2. Last arts related event you attended? Alice Cooper.

3. How did you get into your profession? I did martial arts when I was younger and it sort of just happened.

4. What was the craziest job you've done? Jobs at correctional, special forces (confidential)...

5. Something you're looking forward to? BDO next year!

6. Advice from your mother? Something my mother always used to say, "stop being so rough."

Chase Mcalees / 18 / Musician, Recently a new Dad

1. What do you play? Guitar, drums, bass, vocals.

2. Recent arts related event you attended, what did you think? I killed a prom queen/amity affliction, it was sick, I had heaps of fun.

3. Best/worst advice from you mother? Don't be silly wrap your willy.

4. Something you're looking forward to? Soundwave if I could but it's sold out. Probably Parkway drive in December.