Drive Thru

Okay, okay. I don't know about YOU but the last few weeks have had me overwhelmed!!


The sheer volume of CHOICE. It's truly arts season in our modest little city, what with the Brisbane Writers Festival, the start of Brisbane Festival, the upcoming Brisbane International Film Festival and FAST Festival.

If you're like us and can't (unfortunately ): ) find the time or money to see everything then don't worry! We're here to help cut through all that quality product and help you make a short list of 'must sees', starting with FAST Festival (hosted at La Boite Theatre Company).
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Its the Festival of Australia Student Theatre, a national festival embracing the best of the best from tertiary performance students around the country. In it's third year, the festival is only growing bigger and better.

This is a drive thru of sorts - we've selected our top picks to help you make the most of this 3 day festival :)

1. Here Goes Nothing - Griffith University
"Imagine if your drunk uncle lurched into your high-school formal, spiked the punch then took to the stage and told a poignant story about how to mend a broken heart. Then stripped to his underwear and gyrated for a bit. Made in response to 273 interviews, we're very excited to be sharing HERE GOES NOTHING at FAST Twenty-Twelve (Sep 7-9) - a post-dramatic investigation into connection, loneliness and experiences; both personal and collective"- Daniel Evans

2. Chatroom - Periscope Productions and Arts Department (Melbourne University)
A show that deals with our virtual present and the future dangers - the safety and dangers of anonymity and the internet. A thriller set in a world of faceless characters, the play centers around Jim and his personal struggles. Check out the video below!

Chatroom at FAST Festival from Benjamin Sheen on Vimeo.

3. The 24hr Play Project - FAST and QUT's Vena Cava Productions
What can you do with 24 hours? Cram for an exam? Speed read a book? Meet a bunch of new people and create an original theatre work?

The 24hr Play Project invites you to be the theatre maker! Click the link and register yourself :)

4. Leftovers (From a Dream) - South Bank Institute of Technology

Until now, Finn has never met his father. Smiles and tears consume his face when they see, touch and hear each other for the first time.

Leftovers (From A Dream) is an out of tune play with songs that explores Finn’s almost-too-life-like dreams with funky alarm clocks, stylized movement and live music. There are no microphones, no recorded sound and no projection. Leftovers (From A Dream) relies solely on four performers, a few instruments, eight lights, and a torch.

5. Julian Running - QUT
Arriving back to the stage after an almost sold out season in Anywhere Theatre Festival, Julian Running is a nautical-shadowpuppet-indi-folk-musical. Think heart warming, charming, cosy and totally memorable as little Julian takes you out on adventures in the open seas.

You should know, however, that the rest of the shows sound mighty fine too! Make sure you take a look at the website so you don't miss you!

Phew. So there you have it! Please place your order at the next window, and thank you for eating with Spool Collective Easy Breasy Drive Thru.