Artist Profile: Erin Duddy

I don't know if you've noticed, but over the past few years it seems the cycling scene in our little town has exploded into a fully fledged community, with their special bike ways, fancy add-ons and new cultural events such as bike polo.

As a cyclist myself (and by no means a professional one!) me and my powder blue step-through bike love what the cycling scene has to offer, even more so now with the upcoming Brisbane Bicycle Film Festival

An exciting day in Brisbane's inner city that combines international films, bicycles, cycling, partying-down and plenty of two-legged and two-wheeled fun!

We had a chat to the producer of the event Erin Duddy (because producers are artists too!) to learn a little more about this unique upcoming event:

Age / Location / Occupation

23 / Toowong, originally from Orange County in the USA / Work at GoMA, Espresso Garage and I organise the Brisbane Bicycle Film Festival....and ride my bike.

10 words to describe the Brisbane Bicycle Film Festival

Bicycles. Fun. Beer. Connection. Contribution. Films. Bike-polo. Probably-the-best-festival-you'll-ever-go-to. Inner-city.

Where did this idea come from?

I love riding and the people I've met through riding. I wanted to do an event that involved the entire Brisbane community and cycling so more people could experience it the way I do. So I talked to Eric from Gear Shop and pretty much that day he had only just signed a contract to have the International Bicycle Film Festival in Brisbane. So we decided to collaborate and make it really amazing. 

What inspires you?

The team I'm working with and the people I've met through doing this project, also the people i the community and their willingness to get involved and contribute to such a large subculture for the love of it.

Check your bikes for their sneaky guerilla advertising!

What are some highlights of the festival?

Films, of course! We've got three programs full of films. They're all international and independently made bike films entered into competitions all over the world. The films we are showing are the winners and they've [the films] have been shown all over the world. There will also be bike polo and roller racing which is so much fun to be in, that will be at Archive and anyone can join in.

There will also be a pentathalon which is a bunch of competitions anyone can enter. Tribal theatre is hosting the after party (and it's BYO!) and Cartel is having the after-after party. Lots of partying and we've got some great DJs too!

It's a really mobile event. Most people have bikes so they can easily get from one place to another, and there will be group rides from event to event so you don't have to ride alone!

If you could have any bicycle in the world, which would it be?

Probably mine. It's a Massai (pictured above), I'm happy with mine. And it's fixed.

Hardest part of your job?

Sponsorship. And we've had some very enlightening wakeup calls about holding a festival of this scale.

You're stuck in a bicycle parts shop. How do you escape!?

Well, I know how to build kids bikes. So I'd build a kid's bike. A pink one with tassels. Then I'd probably break a window and ride into the sunset. 

What's next?

Planning the next Bicycle film festival for 2013.  I'm also riding in the Brisbane to Gold Coast Cycle Challenge with a friend, and Black Milk Clothing are sponsoring us for the ride. They are giving us galaxy catsuits to do the entire ride in.

What best/worst/weirdest advice from your mother?

The sex talk my mum gave me. I read a book on cats in 6th grade. She asked me if I knew how they reproduced and I said yes, and she said 'okay'. That scared the hell out of me because male cats have boney, spiny penises. 

More information?

Date Saturday, Oct 20
Time 12-2pm
Location West End, City, Caxton St and inner city.
Tickets? Tickets for films from Tribal Theatre, the rest is F.R.E.E!