My mother the stylist

Handing me down more than 4 pairs of drool worthy vintage Versace jeans (they are my all time favorite pieces ever) my mother taught me her stylish ways, you can say I hit the ground running. Being an aspiring fashion practitioner, it seems fitting for me to mould my feature about my mum Polly, around her styling career from 1990 - 2002/3/4. It's hard to say when she stopped dictating my wardrobe, probably when I started getting pocket money and blew it all at Supre or City Beach (oh the SHAME) but the truth is, we have all been there. From androgynous to Sunday best, we sat down to critique the following twelve looks.

Wendy: This is a very directional look; the proportions are interesting, haha thanks for my matchy matchy and monochromatic steez. So what inspired this outfit?

Polly: Because it's pink, the pants fit your diapers and you liked to kiss the duck (backpack) all the time.

P: Ah! I liked to match everything, notice the details of the teddy and the shoes. The whole outfit is from 'Cheeky Duck.'

W: I look like a boy! This actually reminds me of a friend of mine, he wears brown and has the same hair but he's a man. Did you like to put me in the same label all at once?

P: It's just easier to get everything at one shop.

W: These are basically the perfect outdoor/play outfits.

P: These are pyjamas (the second ones), I like to take photos of every outfit.

P: You loved Hello Kitty, you had everything Hello Kitty! We threw out a lot when you wanted to be a big girl.

W: I still have that lunchbox though! You can never have too much Hello Kitty... regrets.

W: Sunday best? 

P: The outfit on the left was for your 2nd birthday party, we hired a wizard and the other one is your everyday go-to shopping look, we did not attend church.

P: You always let me take photos of you in different outfits and I even taught you how to pose, it was great!

W: ...did we actually go out after these or did you just dress me up and put me in the corner and take a photo?

P: It was for the photo a lot of the time, I just wanted to document every little outfit you wore!

W: Did you dress us up as twins for this? 

P: Yeah, your auntie and I went shopping together, to make you look like a cute couple.

W: We're cousins...Mum!

P: Sailor Moon!

W: Why? All white and red shoes?

P: Yeah because you wanted to be Sailor Moon!

W: I like that jacket, is that all velvet?

P: Yeah that whole outfit is velvet. I liked to make you look pretty Wendy.

Well there you have it ladies and gentleman, Polly is inspired by personal taste, practicality and not much else hahaha. Effortlessness is at the core of her process and her approach to fashion has inspired me to throw things together in a way that feels right, without analyzing every detail. She's also taught me to not feel self conscious about wearing something that others may consider a little zany.  She's the greatest!

Please do share you childhood memories with us, favourite outfits/worst outfits/motherly advice? We all need a bit of wisdom.

- Wendy