Now only in it's second year, the Brisbane City Council's Yum Chat is doing things for Brisbane's growing multicultural arts scene that our city really needs. We were honoured to be invited along as table hosts to chat with other Brisbane arts practitioners about what it means to be an Asian in the Brisbane arts scene.

Apart from meeting an entire Turbine Platform of interesting and diverse individuals, I had the opportunity to reflect about where Brisbane is now and I came to an enlightening conclusion.

Despite all the funding cuts and changes to the arts industry that have been and are continuing to happen, I came to realise that the super special thing about not only people, but people in the arts, was that we are fighters! 

I was too busy listening and chatting with others about their projects, the changes to their organisations, and other's ingenuity (and eating the Asian treats the kitchen kept bringing us!) that I didn't even have the chance to snap any pictures at all!

Luckily, 4EB Radio was there to snap some pictures and a few podcasts of the event, including one from yours truly:

Check out 4EB's write up and their other podcasts here!

Thanks for the Brisbane City Council and the Brisbane Powerhouse for such a great night.