Artist Profile: Young Night

Words by Wendy Ma

"If you like ice cream, you'll like our set" - Young Night.

I don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy that sweet sweet frozen treat. Used to treat broken hearts and rainy days, always there for a good the same way Young Night is just that morsel of pick me up you need to reign in the weekend! Officially launching their latest single, Picasso, exclusive to Triple J Unearthed this Thursday night (24th October) at Coniston Lane, Antics and The Feels will be supporting. Hope you've got a sweet tooth and your dancing shoes...

We caught up with Jack Nielsen, guitarist and manager of the band to find out what grand plans they have ahead of them...

1. Describe your music in three words:

Whimsical, Neapolitan, Tasty

2. How did you all get together?

First there was two, Jack and JM, who met at uni. JM knew Will, who had had never played bass before but did play a mean rendition of the Cmaj scale on guitar and figured it could only sound smoother on bass. The drummer, Nick, was enlisted after a drunken 2am call.

3. What are your thoughts on the Brisbane music scene?

Though it can sometimes be difficult to draw a crowd without drink specials, Brisbane's scene is incredibly tight and supportive. It is constantly growing with increasing enthusiasm and quality in the bands it produces and their fans.

4. Do you think it’s accommodating for up and coming bands?

Brisbane is small. So you're a small fish in a small pond. All the bands know each other and if you don't, just go out and see more gigs! The venue promoters are all in bands too, so they know what it's like. Sometimes it can feel like you're exhausting your audience but we just hope that by keeping it fresh, people stay engaged and we all continue to enjoy the music.

5. What inspires you?

Bands that have balls. Bands that venture out into the wilderness with a guitar and a synthesiser and just go for broke – literally. Bands that twist your ears with their music – that write songs you can listen to twenty times and still stumble upon new subtleties. Bands that are better live than on your computer. These are some of the things that inspire us...

6. What’s the hardest part about what you do?

Finding time to sleep. As any self-managed band will likely tell you – just allocating time and tasks effectively aside from the music can be difficult and extremely time consuming.

7. What’s the best thing about Young Night?

Tough question. If there's anything that sets us apart it is that we're constantly trying out different genres and avenues for our songs. We don't have any album or EP to pin our sound down yet so we can do whatever we want.

8. Favourite place in Brisbane (and why)?

Favourite venue? I'd have to go with Black Bear Lodge. It's a great stage, cool room vibe, intimate, clear sound and they always have excellent acts playing. The audience is always attentive - people go there to see good music, not to get drunk on cheap spirits.

9. What’s next?

We're actually all packing up and heading over to the UK for a couple of years at the start of 2014. We all love this town, but we've got itchy feet and figure the only way to get our hands truly dirty is to pluck ourselves from the comfort of home and into the mighty jaws of the UK music scene.

10. If you were digital devices what would you be and why?

Anything other than an alarm clock. If I was an alarm clock, I'd hate myself too much.