OUT: Beach Fossils X BBNG

Words by Wendy Ma

As we made out way to the Speigeltent last Thursday night, we were dazzled by Brisbane Festival's futuristic lights and laser show. Seeing Southbank all decked out like that made us super proud we have these huge arts celebrations to look forward to every year!

First up was Beach Fossils who really took us back, with their dream pop/garage/lo-fi. They played all our old favourites (while telling jokes, stories and jumping into the crowd, all round charming us to death), the ones that really made your heart swell and uncontrollably grin from ear to ear. Before long they ended their set by treating us to some very personal and passionate beat poetry...

Steph / 20 / Law Student and Katie / 20 / Commerce Student

1. Sum up the show in three words?
Energetic, dreamy, poetic (at the end!).

2. What other shows have you been to recently?
S - Japandroids, we go to a lot of local gigs, to see friend's bands like Johnny and the Fembots, Go Violetts. Mainly local gigs.
K - Same, I'm her gig companion.

3. What technological device/platform would you be and why?
S - I just got an iphone so I'm just catching up on all that technological stuff. I'm going to say wristwatch...
K - Snapchat, fun and it's there then it's gone

As Bad Bad Not Good played Bugg'n by TNGHT, the bass dropped and everyone lost it! From then on it was intense, kinetic, dynamic and not at all what I expected them to be like - live. Waves has done it again, never failing to blow me away with one hell of an electric night...really! 

Chester / 21 / BBNG / Surprised by flash (gave us permission to use this surprised image)

1. Favourite part of the Australian tour?
Brisbane has by far, been the best show we've played. Also we spent the most time in Sydney, so going to the beach there.

2. If you were apart of a sandwich which part would you be?
Lettuce, I love vegetables, haven't had much while we've been travelling around. I like the idea of having the supporting role of the sandwich.

3. If you were a tech device/digital platform what would you be?
I don't think I'd be facebook or anything. I'd be a book.

4. Favourite Australian bands?
ACDC, Tame Impala, Hiatus Kaiyote.