OUT: Collective Commons @ The Box (curated by Alexandra Winters)

Words by Wendy Ma and Athalia Foo

A curatorial experiment gone right! Local Brisbanites from musicians and students to artists and designers (even yours truly!) were asked to pick what they wanted to see hung up at The Box. What we ended up with were super rad stickers and cutie love letters (those were only the goodies we got to take home too), disposable cameras hanging off elastic (a communal disposable concept initiative), ping pong out the back, pass the parcel - all to the soothing likes of Clair Quinn, and Bridget Logan and Steve Laubscher (experimental DJing/drumming duo who liked hot chip ~ suited us fine).

The list of talented artists and art works was too much to remember, but notable mentions should go to Indisposable Concepts, Sarah Winter, Jesse BP Olsen, Lucinda Wolber and the ping-pongers out the back! We literally crawled, sat, unfolded, touched, threw, drank, stuck (and unstuck), looked looked and looked our way through the entire exhibition.

Last but not least, we want to give the ever brilliant Alex Winters a shout out. This was her last exhibition in Brisbane for who knows how long (she's leaving us for the bright lights of America). We at SC can truly say Brisbane is loosing one of their greatest young creative minds to the big apples of the USA; we feel so lucky to have had the privilege of having Alex as one of our artists, as a fellow curator and also a great friend.

Congratulations to The Box and Alex Winters on a super-extraordinary exhibition!
Don't miss the end of Collective Commons - it finishes T O M O R R O W!

Gunna miss you gurrrl

Also check our Alex Winters's work displayed at The Print Bar, a t shirt printing studio in Windsor before she leaves!