Words by Emma Jones

Okay! I'll admit it: I'm a little biased when it comes to these guys. Sydney's Seekae are coming back to Brisbane, and I couldn't be more psyched! They are bringing with them their highly anticipated third release, and if their first single 'Another' is anything to go by - they are in for some big things! 

They've been described as everything from "blissful" to (self-described) "ghetto ambient", but there is one thing that is for sure - these guys are doing awesome things in the Australian electronic scene. After a bit of a hiatus, some time in the UK and a solo project, this tour is more of a "welcome home - show us what you got" tour. With promises of old and new stuff, their show at Oh Hello! on September 5 is not going to be something you'll want to miss. We caught up with one of the guys, Alex, to have a bit of a chat about home, abroad, expectations and... abseiling?

1. So, can you describe your music in three words?

Raw, Hot, Ripperpoodly

2. How did you get together?

School and ecstasy

3. You guys have recently been in the UK, what did you get up to there?

Chicken and recording.  Apartment in Brixton.  Making hit records.

4. Is your creative process any different home or away?

As long as we have a studio and a location to sleep we're good to go.  We made our own studio over in the UK and bought gear on our travels.  It's the same though the content changed.

5. You've been tipped to have a busy year coming up! What can we expect from you?

Gigs, New music, Fresh ideas, Rawness

6. What do you get up to on a day off?


7. What is the most rewarding thing about what you do?

Those days off where we can just kick back and go Abseiling

8. What is the hardest?

Abseiling is difficult because it relies heavily on forming a foundation of trust between the 'Seiler' and the Belayer.  It took a while for us to perfect our Fireman's Belay technique - but after a few close calls and lots of yelling, we've all managed to walk away relatively injury free. 

9. Who would you love to collaborate with, living or dead?

Donald Fegan