Words by Athalia Foo

Being born a human being brings with it an endless torrent of unanswerable questions, struggles and decisions to choose which paths to take throughout our short but (hopefully) meaningful existences.

OK.... so that seemed pretty heavy to introduce the recent opening of an exhibition we attended last week; but to be honest, none could be more fitting.

When Jesse and I popped along to Dord Burrough's opening night for the aptly named The Howling Unknown there were a few things I didn't expect, the first of which was walking in (20 minutes tardy to the stated opening time) to an open forum between audience and artist about the exhibition, it's works and the artist's process.

Apart from the exhibition itself being great because it was part of the LEVEL ARI (artist run initiative) it was enriching to hear about the meaning behind the works, and why and how they were created. Burrough spoke of beauty and creation, the spirit and existence, the smell of her works during creation and how she went about carefully crafting the intricacies of her selected works.

Although there were only a small number of pieces to view I have to admit that I was really blown away by what we saw - particularly the log covered from tip to toe in coloured, hand-shaped pieces (perhaps fimo?) and a painting of a girl lying in a patch of flowers completely made from globs of paint, and in a surprisingly large amount of detail.

The exhibition made me realise something a little cliche but none the less important - while there may be a great unknown, if we take the time and look closely there's plenty of beauty and exciting mysteries to partake in along the way!

To those three lovely young art lovers we interviewed, I'm sorry I didn't get a photo of you!!)