OUT: Bloody Oath

Words by Athalia Foo

The Box gallery's current exhibition Bloody Oath (curated by Ellie Anderson) was surprising, warming and charmingly humourous. But with the likes of Dominique Elliott, Holly Ryan, Luke Kidd, Art of Ellie (Ellie Anderson) and Elisa Carmichael (to name a few!) I had a feeling I would be faaarrr from disappointed :)

Walking into The Box gallery last night, I have to admit I was incredibly proud to be an Australian. In the space where I'd once dug through racks of vintage finds were instead paintings, illustrations, installations, photos and displays each saying something personal and unique about Australia, art and life.

Sure, it wasn't all art that set out on some kind of mission to prove a variety of political points (and there is nothing wrong with that!), but it is definitely art that everyone - artist, non-artist, local or foreigner - can relate to and appreciate. While all the art was strangely memorable, specific highlights for me included Lucinda Wolber's very sweet and Australian-flavoured illustrations, Dominique Elliott's character-filled photographs and Luke Kidd's blue-lit camping room.

Definitely an exhibition featuring some 'shit hot Aussie creatives" Bloody Oath runs for only T W O  M O R E  D A Y S - you should definitely pop along!


Christobel Elliott/22/Psychology Student and Rebecca Elliott/17/Arts Student

1. What were your favourite works from Bloody Oath?
C: Dominique Elliott's photography. Her photos were a bit different from the rest of the worls. I also liked the jewellry by Holly Ryan, and the illustrations by Art By Ellie (Ellie Anderson).
R: Dominique's photographs. And Rick Hayward's saw work.

2. What was the last art's event you went to?
C+R: Rinse and Repeat at the Hangar to see a friend's work (Athena Thebus).

3. What are you looking forward to?
C: Going to Tasmania in July! I'm visiting a friend and travelling up the East Coast.
R: Splendour! 

4. What is the best arts venue in Brisbane?
R: White Canvas Gallery

5. What do you think Brisbane needs?
C: A program for people visiting to be able to look through that tells you exactly what's going on everywhere, because you only hear about things through Facebook events.
R: Cat cafes like the ones in Japan.

Maeve O'Brien/22/I'm a buyer and reselling of vintage in London. I think I want to get into design

1. What were your favourite works in Bloody Oath? Dominique Elliott's photographs. And the free Beck's beer that wasn't actually free.

2. What was the last arts event you went to? A Japanese outsider art exhibition at the Wellcome Collection in Euston, London.

3. What's been the best thing you've done since being back in Brisbane? When I went to Jack's mum's birthday party.

4. What are you looking forward to? Learning how to sew and do embroidery, and making stuff! And getting a job.

5. What does Brisbane really need? To be slightly more open and less sheltered. Not in a bad or negative way, but I think there are a lot of people who haven't travelled much. There was a really great quote in a book a friend gave me, and it said something like "When you don't travel it's like reading a book and not going past the first page - you've only really read one page out of the entire book."