We thought Love Love Studio had been keeping unusually quiet of late, but when we rocked up there for the opening of their Ghoul's Night Out it was pretty obvious why.

Firstly, the whole place has had a face lift. The top half of the front building - windows, blinds and all - has been decked out with an awesome mural. Inside, the bar has been moved to a sweeter spot, making the homely Teneriffe art gallery a tonne more welcoming. There was even a DJ setting up shop out back, though we're sad to say this addition might not be so permanent...

Anyway, onto the exhibition! Love Love have secured our love love because they never fail to pull an alternative crowd. And it's easy to see why. The artwork in the latest instalment, spanning the mediums of photography, sculpture, pen, paint and pixel, is the kind of stuff you'll seldom see anywhere else. This one united the likes of Jason Adams, Cameron Eaton and Steele Evans, as well as a whole slew of other independent artists.

There was a heap of awesome skateboard-centric photography framed by half-pipes, bridges and industrial machinery, bulged with fisheye. Illustrations blended childhood fantasy forests with the stuff of nightmares. And a skateboard was used as the basis for a sculpture of a microcosmic poolside paradise!

Free (with a small change donation) house sangria (literally) sweetened the night while complimentary beverages from sponsors Sailor Jerry lubricated it. Unfortunately we're not too sure if this work will remain on display over the next few weeks, as we know Love Love will soon be getting involved with the Anywhere Theatre Fest. Also exciting!

At any rate, keep an eye on Love Love's web page for info on more sweet events like these.

Sinkin' pissssss.

Also, we have more exciting stuff coming up over the next few weeks in the way of artist profiles.

Stay tuned!