OUT: Bright on Time @ Tokyo Spes-Lab

Words by Wendy Ma

Last week we popped in on a collaborative residency project by John Felix Arnold III (USA) and Koutaro Ooyama aka Mon (Japan). We escaped from the hyper activity of the Tokyo city lifestyle and entered into a psychedelic zone. A room of free-flowing, fresh green graffiti and illustrations swirling around the walls held a large moss covered installation, where you could climb, lie down or just cuddle the obscurely shaped cushions lounging about. We were excited and super impressed to be apart of such an interactive almost performance type art, brought together by two artists of completely different cultural backgrounds who speak a different language.

John Felix Arnold the Third / Artist

1. Tell us a bit about your work?

During my travels in the first week of April, I stayed at a temple inn at Koyasan. I mediated within an energy circle with a monk and had intense lucid visions. The illustrations on the walls are based on my vision,  it's about creating a future world that meets an ancient world in a psychedelic way. All the moss and cushions are about an environment in which one can fall asleep, nap, make love in. The collaboration with Kotoro Oyama Mon came about after discussing my visions and travel over Chinese.

2. How long have you been in Japan for and what are some of your favourite things? 

I've almost been here for a month, favourite experience was Koyasan, the food, period! Also being able to work with Mon in perfect sync despite the cultural/language barrier and being able to get away from the disconnection of the internet world for a while.

3. Latest art events you attended in Tokyo?

Ken South Rock at Club 251 and DJ Krush at Vision!

4. What arts event are you looking forward to?

My opening at San Franciso MOMA!


(Pictures below courtesy of the artist)