Words by Athalia Foo

Introducing Spool Collective's overseas collaboration:

Exhibition about you, for you**

Spool Collective and Sophie Millis proudly present Generation Wuss - a multi-arts exhibition exploring the syndrome of being young now and cyberspace-pop-culture-friendly. A handful of handpicked independent UK and Australian artists will coalesce to talk hard times and hard drives of what it means to be US.

A myriad of mediums from print, photography and gifs, to illustration, collage and music will dissect the subject matter to find a middle ground between what feels like a gaping hole of dread and the glamour of pop culture.

Featuring Artists From The UK and AUS

Music from Daskinsey4 and Royal Limp

Like Brett Easton Ellis would say, GROW A DICK, GENERATION WUSS (and come along)
BYOB (for party time)

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