S P A C E d out

Take a blank piece of paper. Cut, paint, fold, fold again, glue, staple, draw, make it big, make it small, crumple it, crease it, rip it, colour it, destroy it. What is it now? What can you create? How will it represent you? How will it represent where you come from?

You may have noticed small changes in our social media layouts. You may have also noticed that we've been quieter than usual?????

There's good reason for this, and we'll give you a hint:

26 April to 02 May

We have had only 5 short weeks to curate Bleeding Heart Gallery's next exhibition in conjunction with Ur(bne) Festival featuring, as always, a multiplicity of Brisbane's finest emerging artists from varying disciplines...

But for now, that's all we're gunna let you know! Until then.....watch this S P A C E.