Artist Profile: Nancy Zine

There is something so special and one of a kind about zines that we love and there is something even more spesh about a gal doin’ it for herself. We recently got to catch up with Holly Riding, the sassy creator of Brisbane based zine, Nancy. With a few close friends as her contributors, she also puts the call out every month over the internet for new artists, writers, power whores and all round creative folk to share their work through her mag. Nancy discusses #important issues like how DOES one make nipple pasties and how DO I cope being a 9-5 office bitch?

Offering a unique perspective on Brisbane’s sub-cultures with an ‘up yours’ attitude, you will be able to pick up copies of Nancy this April at S P A C E.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your work.

ASL? …..23/Female/Brisbane, or my name is Holly Riding. I’m currently in my final year at QUT studying interactive design and journalism. I enjoy cats, flat whites, Lilo mug shots and writing. I work at Jugglers Art Space and I also do the odd spot of freelance graphic design work.

2. What do you get up to in your spare time?

Goon of fortune duh. Na, If I’m not at Uni, work, or interning, I love going out for breakfast, it’s probably my favourite thing. Otherwise hitting up some mad b-ball sessions in the park down the road.

3. If Nancy were a person how would you describe her using 3 words?

Distasteful, blunt and sparkly.

4. How did Nancy Zine start out?

Nancy Zine first started when I discovered my ‘To Do / Independent Woman List’ list of 2011, that my housemate and I conjured up on a long road trip. One of the goals on the list was to start my own zine. It being November 2011 at the time of rediscovering the list, I was already running out of time so I smashed out the first issue of Nancy within a month. With the help of a few friends who I knew dabbled in writing, Nancy has been printed bi-monthly ever since.

6. Do you have a favourite issue of Nancy so far?

Issue 4, 'The Fantasy Issue' is probably my favourite. It was printed around the time I discovered there was a ghost living in my house, a lot of the time Nancy Zine is somewhat of a diary so it’s fun going back and seeing what was going on it my life at the time. Also I’m really happy with Nancy’s latest issue the “Illustration issue’, that was a lot of fun.

7. Most rewarding aspect of the creative process?

Spotting random people reading Nancy, also it’s a pretty great feeling when people want to get involved in a project you’re passionate about.

8. Favourite thing about D.I.Y projects?

You can do watcha wannnnnnnt. But seriously, having the freedom to edit, design and write however you like, it’s a damn good change from academic lit.

9. How do you find Brisbane's art and zine scene in terms of accommodating
emerging artists?

Incredible. Places like Visible Ink, Youth Arts Queensland and independently run galleries allow emerging artists and creatives a like the chance to show their skillz.

10. What are some of your favourite Brisbane based zines out there at the moment?

Occult, Slubberdegullion, plus a few friends have made zines filled with their glorious artworks. I’m a huge fan of print, but most of the zines I find I like are online based.

11. How does the space you live in/Brisbane influence your work?

I tend to write about experiences or happenings going on in my life at the time; friends, relationships, ghosts etc. Sometimes I have to run a story idea past a friend if they’re involved, just in case it was story they wanted to keep furtive and locked away.

12. What's next for Nancy?

Issue 9 ‘Guilty Pleasures’ will be released June 2 at Southside Tea Room, at the rad zine /comic fair they’re hosting!

13. Where can we pick up a copy of Nancy?

Atavist Books, Brew, Southside Tea Room, or online at;