Artist Profile: Jesse Olsen

Interview by Wendy Ma

Seemingly romantic, innocent and nostalgic, Jesse Olsen's intricate and enigmatic illustrations enshroud heartbreak, "housefires, smashed buildings and bound and tied animals." Formally trained at QUT, I remember the days when this local artist admitted to being the classic art school drop out, working a 9-5 in retail and tattooing making ends meet whilst persevering his passion for creating.

Now he’s quite the established free lancer, exhibits regularly in group and solo shows. People are lining up to get tattooed by him and he's also a part of S P A C E at Bleeding Heart in 3 sleeps!

1. Describe your work in three words? 

Detailed, Nostalgic, sentimental

2. What motivates you?

The thought of running out of time

3. Who inspires you?

Sincere people.

4. What’s next in terms of using different media/challenging yourself?  

I’m currently in the process of exploring performance art and sculpture.

5. Do you prefer tattooing over illustration? 

Tattooing and illustration are two total separate entities to me, I feel both are challenging but for different reasons, and so this its good to juggle the two mediums. Keeps things fresh!

6. Ideal way to spend a day off? 

At the moment anything to do with nature.

7. Favorite place to create in Brisbane?  

My shitty bedroom studio.

8. Will you always be based in Brisbane or plan to move to greener pastures? 

I’m looking for greener pastures but ill always call Queensland home

9. What do you think Brisbane is lacking to be on par with say, Melbourne or Sydney’s cultural scene? 

I’m not sure if it is necessarily lacking anything, Its just got its own individual charm like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide any Australian city, its just about where you feel most comfortable to be yourself.

10. What should we be expecting for your piece in S P A C E? 

My work is predominantly a reflection of my current environment mixed with the environments of my past, so depending where I’m living  it will be a blend of those two elements.