Artist Profile: Jared Worthington

Another one of our S P A C E artists is none other than the talented Jared Worthington!  We are super excited to have this local visual artist will feature in our exhibition, with his colorful pop meets obscure lo-fi constructions. Having graduated with honors at QCA, he has since been in a handful of group exhibitions as well as being apart of artist run initiative, Diagram. Based in Brisbane, it is all about putting the spotlight on fresh, playful, innovative visual projects that celebrate contemporary culture!

We catch up with him a week before the show to find out a little more about the man behind the creations!

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your work?

I'm a visual artist, and I finished my honours degree at Queensland College of Art just over a year ago. At the moment, I'm working a lot with digital imaging and video projection. I was born in Huddersfield in the North of England and moved here about eight years ago.

2. How did you start out?

With photography in high school. When I moved over here I had a very supportive and enthusiastic art teacher, I'd always been interested in visual images but that was the first time I was encouraged to practice art.

3. What is your favourite part about what you do?

Probably the part where I play around with things I've made, editing and arranging, especially if I can surprise myself.

4. How does the space you live in/work in influence your work?

All the work I've done recently has been made in my bedroom using my computer and the camera on my phone. A lot of the imagery has come from objects lying around at home or from video shot around the house as well so the influence is quite literal at the moment.

5. How do you find Brisbane in terms of accommodating emerging artists?

I feel pretty accommodated, however I haven't made art in any other cities so I have nothing to compare it to.

6. How has living in Brisbane directly shaped your style and approach to creating?

Mainly just through meeting people who have introduced me to new ways of working and thinking.

7. Where can we find you on a day off?

Usually at home being a hermit.

8. Who would be four guests you would invite to a dinner party (living or dead)?

Probably a dinner with all my family in the UK as I haven't seen them for a few years. There's more than four of them but we can try to fit them all in.

9. Favourite places in Brisbane?

I've been up Mt. Nebo and Mt. Coot-tha a few times recently, both gorgeous.

10. Who or what influences you?

Peers, friends and family in a direct way as they give me feedback on what I've made. Other things do too but I'm not sure how exactly.

11. Where can we see more of your work?