In terms of Brisbane's art scene, RAW has been fairly integral to providing a huge platform for emerging artists to exhibit their creative endeavours, and as such we've been ardently following and admiring their work since their unveiling last year.  

And despite having attended most of their shows since, we've never, ever seen a queue as long as the one we were faced with on Friday night for the opening of GENERATION, the initative's inaugural event for 2013.  This massive line serpentined its way from The Arena's entrance almost all of the way back to St Paul's Tce.  As it followed, this marked RAW's biggest event across all of its branches in 54 cities.

Inside, it was exactly the same chatty buzz of conversation with surrounding artwork and artists as conversation starters/makers as in all of RAW's previous shows, though multiplied by at least two thanks to the phenomenal turn-out.  

The creative offerings from the 30-odd artists featured in this show stretched across live music, film-making and projection, photography, hair and make-up, sculpture, jewellery, painting, illustration and more.  Most were by names that even we hadn't heard much of before, but all was worthing checking out.

Here are a few pictures!

Sunday sessions with quality and even international music acts seem to be trending lately, but it's a usually rainy affair we've been happily easing in to.  We couldn't think of a better way to end last week than with the likes of Brisbane's freshest and brightest musical faces Yukon Snakes and Tincture as support acts for 17-year-old electro-prodigy XXYYXX. The assortment of electronic pop beats, ambient underwater vibe, lucious bass and suprisingly trappy snares (from XXYYXX), got us grooving, put us in pleasant dazes and even yielded some full-on twerking!

In our opinion, Silo Arts owns Sundays!

Oh, and let's not forget that moment when Tincture mashed Usher's 'Let It Burn' with his own ambient dreamscapes.