OUT: YUM CHAT (BrisAsia Festival)

Last night we were lucky enough to be invited to table host at Yum Chat, a networking event apart of  the Brisasia Festival running through to the 23rd February. We were in the QPAC rooftop function room overlooking the river and Brisbane city lights. The drinks were flowing, pork buns and dumplings were going around as three rounds of 20 minute conversations based on a chosen agenda, regarding the artist's creative process, heritage or creating in Brisbane, took place.

Six tables, coded by our favourite Japanese characters from Pikachu to Hello Kitty, were hosted by two brisbane creatives/producers/artisists of asian heritage and guests were invited to sit down with us, ask questions and share our creative journies with us. We were greatly humbled to be hosting amongst  Anna Yen (performer, director, theatre maker), Chirstina Cho (installation artist, architect), Dheeraj Shrestha (internationally acclaimed tabla percussionist), Rachel Jacobs (arts educator, activits, dancer entrepreneur), and Sem Han (animator and app designer), to name a few.

The night turned out to highlight how much creative talent Brisbane has incubated; from its profesisonals who are making a living doing what they do best to the closet talents who keep a day job but by night are poets, paintors, producers or illustrators. Conversations pin pointed the unfortunate realization that creatives feel the need to leave Brisbane for bustling cities to really grasp oportunities. When in fact, Brisbane is where there is incredible potential for all of us to pull together and help grow our creative community! Speaking with fellow table hosts, proves just this; some came to make Brisbane their home, in order to embark on their creative journies.

George Chan / Construction / Illustrator

1. Why do you like pineapples?
They're spike but sweet on the inside, reminds me of myself actually...haha

2. Last arts event you attended?
Screen print event in Newstead. You buy a shirt and build a face and you get different artists to do each section of the face.

3. Tell us about your illustrations?
Boobs and giant reptiles. That's a hint about an art exhbition I'm planner within a year's time.

4. What's your break dancing crew's name and where can we see you?
We train at PCYC every few weeks. We have many names; Planet Fresh, One Fitty, Fruits of the Forest, to name a few!

5. Something you recommend?
Jiro dreams of sushi.

6. What is your biggest fear?
Memory loss nowadays but sharks before that. Not so much dying but if one took a chunk out of me and I bled and a swarm of them came...

7. Something you're looking forward to?

Seungmoo Han / animation and illustration (table host)

Animator and creator of Little Frog series and designer of Oven Break (iphone app which became one of the number 1 paid apps in the US 2011), also recently participated in his first joint exhibition Seven with Another 6th Edition at the Powerhouse.

1. You mentioned you want to publish an illustrated book of Brisbane cafes, which one is your favourite?
Black star coffee and french toast with bacon at Crosstown.

2. Last arts event you attended?
The ballet at QPAC. It was about dreams and where the bride's procession comes from.

3. Favourite exhibition space/ exhbition you've been to rcently?
Matisse at GOMA.

4. Biggest fear?
Speaking english!  I knew nothing a year ago!

5. Something you're looking forward to?
Seeing the Cat Empire again.

Christina Cho / architect and designer (table host)

Co-organiser of PechaKucha Night in Brisbane, public installation artist, co founder of Rice Cake Mafia and  Project Architect at Cox Rayner.

1. What do you do?
I create spaces and I am interested in how they're activated via artwork and events.  Architect by day, art installation by night!

2. Last arts event you attended?

I run PechaKucha, so that!  Creatives come and showcase their work, inspire, and are inspired.  It's happening in more than 600 cities around the world!

3. Biggest fear?
Every animal except domesticated animals.

4. What are you looking forward to?
Seeing Psy at Future Music!