OUT: American Apparel's Prom Night feat. Heems and Le1f (Tokyo)

American Apparel's Prom Night at Le Baron De Paris was like entering a digi-dream. After walking down an unmarked side street all you see for the next few hours are red neon lights, speech bubbles hanging from the roof and projections. Even though Heems and Le1f were the drawcards for the night the opening DJs still mixed some amazing beats. It can often be intimidating going to events that you know will be full of models and people way hotter then you are (eep!), but I have to say it was pretty relaxed and as the night went on everything melted into one mass of tunes, dancing and selfie-taking ^^.

Hands down the highlights were what AA promised - Heems and Le1f - as well as the AA dancers who performed with Le1f! 

(Joe Ingham and Le1f pictured above)

Joe Ingham (from Brandon) / 20 / 'Model' and graphic designer / illustrator / 'mixologist' (cocktail man) haha

1. What is your favourite place to go in Tokyo? Taskashita street in harajuku....just because the temptation to take a shit there is so large that it makes it a winner. And Saizeriya (which I have the clinical disease for)

3. What is your favourite thing to do when in Tokyo? My fave thing to do when in Tokyo when its nice weather is go to Yoyogi park alone with my sketch book and pens and draw stuff surrounded by all the people dancing and singing and having a good time =]

4. Last arts related event you went to? My house mates second year BA drawing exhibition at Shoreditch House in London for Camberwell College of Arts

5. What are you looking forward to? I'm looking forward to getting my brand up and running, doing loads more sketches and shit for it which I LOVVEEE. In fact, just designed a few reallllllly cool all in ones sleeveless and shorts with a big zip down the front. COURDROY! WINNING!

5. What is your biggest fear? My biggest fear is pooing in a public place...be that purposfully or accidentally