OUT: A Place To Bury Strangers

After the show we walked outside, bodies numb, ears ringing, and slowly realized that we might never hear certain frequencies ever again. Seeing A Place to Bury Strangers live may have been at the expense of some permanent sensory damage, but it was worth it.

Nothing describes the first time I listened to APTBS on full blast apart from that my brain melted. They soon after became one of my favorite bands, one of those few that I come back to time and time again. Critics describe them as resembling Jesus and Mary Chain, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Suicide, and Velvet Underground, and I agree. But I have to add that if all of those genre-defying cult artists had an aggressive orgy, then APTBS would be their bastard lovechild.

When the band got stuck into tearing up their latest LP, Worship, along with a few old favourites, all the unkempt energy that fuels their noisy shoegaze sound transposed effortlessly onto the tiny stage at the Zoo. APTBS are the kind of band who couldn't care less about striking every right note as long as they can thrill their faithful audience by standing on speakers and tossing their guitars across the stage. Walls of unrestrained sound reel you into rocking along with these guys, even if your hearing isn't quite as intact by the end of their set.

Seeing a lone Oliver Ackermann beating as much as he can out of the two remaining strings of his guitar with a strobe light was the perfect climax to this epileptic set. This Brooklyn-based three-piece don't come around to Australia too often, but we know we'll be in the front row next time they do.

We hope you will too.

Alex Campbell / 22 / Film and TV Student at QUT

1. What did you get up to today? Not much, but on a day off I like to ride my bike.

2. What's your favourite APTBS album? I won tickets to tonight! I've been listening to them on their bandcamp and getting excited!

3. What was the last arts related event you went to? Cannon and Lovely Legs Launch at Beetle Bar.

5. Biggest fear? Heights.

6. What are you most looking forward to? Deadshits! Festival here (at The Zoo), on Friday night.

Cam Silk / 29 / Audio Engineer (recorded four tracks for support act The Rational Academy)

1. Favourite APTBS album? That one with all the buildings on the album cover.

2. Most exciting thing you've done today? Probably seeing The Rational Academy, say this could be one of their last shows, even though they've just released an album.

3. Last music event you attended? Weezer! They were awesome, and Ball Park Music ruled.

4. Biggest fear? Not being successful.

5. Something you're looking forward to? Deftones playing at The Tivoli! I'm leaving my best mate's wedding in Vanuatu early to see them. They're being supported by Letlive, which are one of the greatest punk bands of all time.

Laura Allen / 21 / Convention Centre Employee

1. Favourite APTBS album? Exploding Head.

2. Most exciting thing you've done today? Seeing that support act Pearls. They were like a combination of all my favourite bands. Felt like my head was going to cave in but it was enjoyable.

3. Last music event you attended? Weezer - they were the best in the world. It was so good to see they haven't become less impressive with age.

4. Biggest Fear? Heights. I'm really bad with them.

5. Something you're looking forward to? If Polyphonic Spree play at Splendour, which is rumoured!