AFYM Artist Profile: Alex Winters

Alex Winters is a visual artist of multiple mediums - graphic design, geometric 2D works, sculpture and installations. She's curated, created and produced a bunch of projects that no doubt you've probably seen her name stamped proudly all over! 

But like most busy creatives she doesn't like to talk too much about herself. Take 5 minutes, grab a cuppa-tea and sit down to have a one-on-one with this AFYM artist.

1. Tell us a bit about what you do?

A bit of everything. I am an artworkshop facilitator by day for RAW Art – we visit primary schools around the south east Queensland region. By night, I work as an usher at the Brisbane Powerhouse. I recently just finished up my work as an event producer for Brisbane City Council, creating the event C U R R E N T , R I S I N G and am working on a couple of projects before I head overseas. I am also an artist.

2. How would you describe your work?

My artistic practice is primarily interactive sculptures and installations that explore the controlling capabilities of light and the artworks command over the viewer’s use of space. Another tangent I explore are site specific installations and ‘paintings’ that are informed by my compelling dissatisfaction with the 2D plane; forcing myself to blur the boundaries between painting and that of the third dimension. I do this through mediums that explore optical illusions, pattern, space and colour theory and are fundamental studies towards my usual sculptural practice. This particular piece for AFYM however explores something that I continually want to experiment with. The idea of an artwork being placed in a public environment in a way that interaction is almost forced upon the viewer. An assumed knowledge of ‘art’ is irrelevant, and the level of understanding by the viewer depends on their level of engagement with the object.

3. How did you get started?

In hindsight I don’t think I was never not going to study art. I spent my year twelve art classes pottering around the classroom making works so I had enough for a folio to get into QCA. I was accepted straight out of high school and since graduating a Bachelor of Fine Art in 2009, things have just flowed one after the other.

4. What motivates you to create?

Time. To pass time or to show how I have spent the time that has passed. I don’t like to think that I have wasted time with out having contributed something creative.

5. Who are your influences?

William Morris, Olafur Eliasson, Donald Judd, Marco Fusinato, Catherine Ulitsky, Gabriel Orozco, Nick van Woert, Chris Engman

6. What do you find is the most exciting and rewarding aspect in your working process?

The process might be derivative but the result is mine.

7. What’s next in terms of using different media/challenging yourself?

I have steered away from doing any large scale sculptures for a year or two now due to annoying things like practicality, lack of space and money, however am planning to return to this mode of creation when come home from O.S.

8. Who is your dream mentor and why?

For both personal and creative reasons – Mark Oliver Everett–front man of the band Eels. He is the human incarnation of bad luck, resilience and determination all in one. Every time I think things are falling a part I recall his book Things the Grandchildren Should Know and think if he has become Mr. E with all the shit that he has gone through then I am a pussy if I don’t do anything worth while with what I’ve been dealt.

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Doing what I am doing now, but on a larger scale and even more feverishly. Afterthought: And getting paid better.

10. Sneaky hint about what you’re working on for us?

It’ll draw blood.

11. What was the most useful or weirdest advice your mother gave you?

I won’t be here forever.

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