Artist Profile: Timothy Woofs

Fragile yet bold and romantically haunting, this Brisbane based illustrator's works seem to break open the head, in a sense, taking your mind to that lucid, parallel dimension. I was lucky enough to track him down via the inter-webs to get to know the soon to be SBIT Visual Arts Graduate.


20/A waiter.

How would you describe your recent work?

Messy, Dreamy, a process of detachment.

What motivates you to create?

My motivation is the process of the improvement of my technical skills and the ability to capture a thought, emotion and memory that comes to me from life.

Who inspires you at the moment?

Jodee Knowles, Eric Sandberg, Swoon, Anthony Lister, Del Katharine Barton and of course my friends and family.

What do you find is the most exciting and rewarding aspect in your working process?

I’m most excited when I have the time and the materials, a good thing to draw and some music in my ears. I love the process of creation. When I discover that a mistake enhances the work that also excites me. I like knowing as well that my work is enjoyed by others.

What’s next in terms of using different media/challenging yourself?

I just recently found myself using a light box screen to project other works behind works which is Thrilling! Also I think that I want to keep melting crayons. But in reality I Want to get into Larger scale works like murals and or public art.

Who would you most like to collaborate with (living or dead) and why?

Probably my mother, as I miss her all the time.

Something you’re looking forward to (art/music/community event in Brisbane/something random you’re doing today)?

The West End Street party for sure! But also my graduating exhibition in November.

Favourite place/thing to do in Brisbane on a day off?

Stomp around the streets in boots.

What was the most useful or weirdest advice your mother gave you?

A washed face, deodorant and clean undies go a long way.

Do you have a website?